Shervin Khorramian

Originally born in a small town in Iran, I moved to India at the age of 19, a country I didn’t speak the language. My adventurous journey began in India and continued to Malaysia, Italy, England, and now the USA. As an Iranian woman like any other, my life story should have been written for me, ending safely and predictably within preset lines – but I chose a different ending. After years of struggle, I broke free from the boundaries of my upbringing, and the result is a painful, triumphant story of love, loss, and acceptance. 
Along the way, I struggled with faith and tradition – and in losing them all, I found myself. I renounced narrow beliefs, decided my own sexuality, worked my way to financial success and carved my own life path in ways others deemed impossible.  And I did so because I made a choice. To show up. To live the life that I wanted to. To take responsibility. To rewrite my story. To not just be the persian princess my society, tradition, and family wanted me to be. But to be the woman who chose to decide that my future is bigger and better than my past.

Board Member & Chair of the Womxn’s Group:
Mahdis Rezaei