Programs and Services

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Raha hosts events throughout greater Los Angeles area in order to celebrate, honor, and embrace Persian culture.

Raha convenes members of the Iranian LGBTQ community bimonthly in two distinct discussion groups designed to appeal to those looking for the opportunity to make friends in the Iranian LGBTQ community, seek therapeutic support, and more.

Therapeutic Support Group

Our Therapeutic Support Group is led by a licensed therapist, who is designed to give you tools and coping mechanisms for the deeper questions that come up. Luckily for us we have Mastaneh Moghadam, LCSW, who has nearly 20 years of experience in working with Iranian queers. These sessions develop your leadership skills, because the more you learn the more you can pass on, and the more you influence others. Over the past year Iranian from the US and around the world who have heard of our work, have asked us to help them start similar support groups in their cities. 

Peer Support Group

The Peer Support Group is designed to be a more informal setting and is led by a peer advocate, a trained facilitator who shares similar experiences.  Here you’ll have a chance to share stories, think out loud about topics at hand, and dive into more deeper questions.  There is a lot more peer to peer interaction.

Both support groups are a safe place to help you feel less lonely, isolated or judged (We can all use a little less judgement in our lives.)  Above all, it is a place to speak honestly about your feelings in a supportive environment so you can experience personal growth.  In the past year, our members have shared some very personal and honest stories about themselves, and we have been lucky enough to have been present and grow with them.  It’s like our motto says, “Be True, Be You”.  We know you will feel the same once you attend our sessions.

Open Panel Discussions

We host open panel discussion in different cities in Southern California. Our aim is to start the dialog in the communities and make them more familiar with the topic of “coming out”. 

Social Events

We connect LGBTQ members and allies by hosting and celebrating numerous joyous occasions that consist of musical entertainments, Galas, conferences, cuisines, trips and parades. For more information, please visit our event calendar.