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Thirst for Love

Directed by Niko Noir – Episode 1Matthew Nouriel

In this episode we meet Matthew Nouriel an Iranian comedian in LA. Matthew is a true role model for his activism in the LGBTQ community and because he is breaking the mold as an Iranian entertainer. Matthew is one of the first known Iranian comedians to openly dress in drag.

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Homa Sarshar discusses LGBTQ identity

Homa Sarshar discusses LGBTQ identity. Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and Cross Cultural Expressions have partnered on a series of Public Services Announcements for the Iranian and Farsi speaking community, that aim to provide information and decrease stigmas around mental health issues.

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Written and Directed by Darwin Serink,

An intimate portrait of two lovers, glimpsing into the world in which they met, moments before their execution for being gay. ***This film contains subject matter and images not suitable for all audiences. Please use discretion***

Media & Expressions

Avayeh Ham Sedaii


Iranian LGBTQ Radio Programs sponsored by LA Department of Mental Health and Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counseling Center – Program, (photo is from radio program #14).